About the Artist

About the Artist


I design for open-minded, intellectually curious, and free-spirited women. I believe we are all connected beyond the material world – beyond the physical body, time, and place. Out of that hope, I create uplifting designs in which disparate traditions blissfully collide to express what is still the brilliance of life and the beautifully chaotic world we live in.

 Why did I become an artist? Why fashion?

Since Iwas a very little girl, I knew how it felt to be unconditionally loved, and also how it felt to lose a loved one. Unforgettable happiness and heartbreak have firmly shaped my mentality. Through my family, I have come to learn and know that nothing is more painful in life than to lose loved ones, but also that we are all connected beyond the material world. I believe that if there is a peace even in the greatest pain of one’s life, it is that it is more important to keep going in that life rather than dwelling on sorrow. Life is a miracle, and anything is possible if you don’t give up. I am committed to communicating this message through fashion because fashion inspires, encourages, and moves people, and it is what I feel most passionate about. 

What do I value in design?

I value timelessness, agelessness, and effortlessness. These values are essential to my design as I focus on themes such as life and death, time, journey, unconsciousness, memory, and human emotion. These values are fundamental to being mindful of the world we live in; the invisible exists beyond the visible. It is that mysterious, but natural and beautiful world that we are born to.

How can the intangible be translated into the tangible form of fashion?

I begin my design process with meticulous research on a theme or concept, as any piece of information can play a key role in the outcome. I often take a psychological approach in my designs. For example, if I am inspired by a work of art, I research the artist, how he or she lived, what views he or she held, how he or she was feeling at that moment of creation and why, and so on.

As I am very interested in the intangible, the choice of material is crucial. I design and craft my own material, and work hard to ensure its texture and color evoke the intended feeling as well as my perspective. I weave, dye, screen print, and heat-transfer fabric to create the best medium to convey my message. I also like to experiment with patterning and draping manipulations to create a fresh and beautiful silhouette.

What is my mission, and how am I striving to achieve it?

I seek to create fashion that encourages women to dream, to live every day like a special day. As the world often requires a woman to play multiple roles, I hope to give her confidence and remind her that anything is possible.